Trees, ropes, FUN!

Our dear Adeline turns 12 tomorrow! We started the celebration early as the kids had off of school on Friday and she will be at school on her special day. We surprised the kids with a pre-birthday outing to a ropes course at a park in Kiev. There was very little detail given as to our destination except in how to dress. We rode the Metro, took a small bus, exited at the approximate location (according to Chris’ inquiry with the money collector and bus driver who were surprisingly helpful), and walked in the direction fearing all the way that we were underdressed. We had checked the weather report and knew the temps, but the wind and lack of active sunshine made it less comfortable than our dream forecast. Nevertheless, it was the best day schedule-wise and we had the kids interest piqued so we walked on. We found the large city park with a restaurant and many walking trails, mini amusement rides (decades old), coffee trucks, family picnics, but no ropes course. We got a bit nervous and gave the name “Seiklar” to the kids in case they found any signs. They didn’t know what it meant yet. A bit more walking, asking a strolling couple, we re-routed and lo and behold, spied some platforms in the trees. The kids werent suspecting a ropes course so these didn’t strike them as anything they even noticed…they weren’t scanning the trees as we were. Then the scout kids in front eagerly ran back with reports of something cool like a fort in the trees. Bingo!

There was much excitement as we said this was indeed our destination in honor of Adeline’s birthday. After some discussion with the attendants on how we would pair off (Niya couldn’t do the same course as us), we were properly and impressively equipped with safety harnesses, carabiners, and traveling pulleys. Next came the intro on level one, maybe five feet up. We were thankful for our guide who spoke English well enough. It seemed the most important thing to remember was that with two carabiner clips being transferred from point to point, one ALWAYS stay anchored as the other is transferred ahead. So there is a constant moving of clips which seems annoying until we got the hang of it. The concept was obvious because as you move through each level, they become higher and more challenging. Were you to slip or fall, even during a clip change, you would always still be connected with the other carabiner. Brilliant, even though our fearless Aiden didn’t see much value in the clips at level one.

We all graduated and moved on through levels two and three. It was exhilarating and scary to leap off of a perfectly good platform in the tree and be transported to the other end of a zip line. The kids loved it!

After each round on the course, we would take Niya to the “Baby Trope”. These two courses were about three feet off the ground. She thought it was grand to be all harnessed up like the big people. We enjoyed seeing her have fun. She waited much longer for the five of us to go through each level than we waited for her because our courses were longer and we did it in two rounds. First, Chris with Adeline and Aiden while Ellie and I waited below with Niya and the camera. Then, them with Niya while it was our turn. This extended our time triple fold. It also prolonged the fun.

Just when we thought we were done the kids begged for more (of course), but we only consented to Adeline going onto level four with Chris. (Aiden and Ellie would have been pushing it on the height limit and I was getting uncomfortably frozen hands and feet so I thought us reserving it for the 12 year old to be would expedite things.). We were wise to keep the others off this one as the skill and fear factor seemed to jump at a greater increment than the others. Chris was physically stuck at one point, but they both made it through victorious and exha

Our day was done. We had climbed right through lunch time and everyone was ready to warm up and EAT! Chris was the pizza ordering hero and they all munched happily ever after.

Apparently they have two locations. We went to the one in P Park.). …

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