One Year

I mostly feel compelled to write something, anything, instead of letting the blog die since I notice when MY friends go a year (and more) without posting! Here are a few highlights:

While it is old news, we celebrated our one year anniversary of living in Kiev, Ukraine this June. Yippee! I guess we “know the ropes” now which makes a big difference as far as day to day grocery shopping for our family, etc.

Our big trip this summer included being in the U.S for 40 days this summer. I’ve never been on vacation so long, but when going home to our parent’s homes for the first time in two years, some extra time is warranted…besides the fact that it takes me a week just to acclimate to the seven hour time difference. So we visited hither and yon between Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, and south again to Maryland, and Virginia. I was glad for each and every stop. So many friends and family to be thankful for! As good as it was to be in our home country, I was ready to return to our daily routines and sleeping in the same bed each night. Vacation is good and fun, but predictable routines are healthy for a family too.

School resumed last week and each of the children was ready! They looked forward to seeing their friends again. Three months of summer break was just right for us this year. Adeline (7th grade) and Ellie are joyfully playing soccer on the middle school team. Ellie is a 5th grader, but they let this age play up on the MS team, just explaining they will likely be second string. Still, it is an extra year of experience for her and she is sooo happy she can be included this year. Dear Aiden (4th grade) is impatiently waiting for next year when he hopes to be able to play up as well.

We love the kids Christian school so much that we requested, and were approved, a one year extension. This means we have two school years remaining at our beloved Kiev Christian Academy!

Fall arrived early so we have been enjoying cooler temperatures already, along with rain today and his weekend (projected).

Our adoption process is creeping along. I intend to do a separate post of milestones accomplished as well as remaining. It is exciting and intimidating to think we could be a family of more within a few months…especially since it is unknown at this time who the child/children will be!

And the blog is alive again, even though not strong….

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2 Responses to One Year

  1. Tara G. says:

    I’ve been wondering how you have been!! Hope you were refreshed after your vacation and I’m so excited to hear more about the adoption!! I think of you every time I drink my tea!!

  2. Elena Garrett says:

    Wow, good for you about adopting a new child? Glad to see you are doing well in Kiev and have been enjoying the Christian Academy!l

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