Not nice…lice

A parenting first that I wasn’t excited about…getting the phone call from preschool to please come pick Niya up because the nurse found lice in her hair. Oy! Of course I was mentally accusing the preschool as the source, but when I got there and asked how many other kids had it they said, “Only Niya.”

This sent me into Whaaat??-then-where-did-it-come-from-? mode. Oh no, hopefully not the big kids school. Do I have it? Do they have it? We purchased the product, had a friend translate the directions, carried out the procedure on the four kids and I (Chris was away on a work trip so he would have to be treated upon returning), reheated leftovers for dinner (I always love leftovers because you know…no cooking and less clean up especially during a crisis like this), had the kids strip their beds, helped remake four beds, put #4 to bed, and begin meticulously going through oldest child’s hair for eggs since her being in school seems like priority #1. Despite looking at multiple Internet sites on the topic, I still am not convinced she has anything yucky. Good. I’ll send you to school with a clear conscience and a note asking someone else to check as well. Child #2 same. Child #3 same. Hot laundry one load after another around the clock (our machines are itty bitty), I change my pillowcase and fall into bed with the same sheets I put on just a few nights ago. It is morning. I re-check the school kids, we pull the girls hair tighter than normal and send them with a note. They are checked there and give the “all clear”. Whew! Back home I spend the better part of the day working my way through each section of little girl’s copious amount of shiny black hair. At least the contrast makes them more easily visible. There aren’t thousands. I can do this. We sit with a balcony door open behind us for much natural light, but it is a rainy and dreary day. I have a piece of packing tape to hold each nit upon removal (I have smart friends who have done this before and armed me with tips!). We finish a section, she stretches her neck in all directions and we get a break. Lunch is all broke up with a section of hair, a sandwich, a section of hair, yogurt, a section of hair, fruit, a section of hair, almonds. You get the idea. The longest lunch in history. When it was over there was a cookie and a celebration dance and a made up song about disliking lice.

Ugh. I will diligently keep checking, cleaning, and reapply product again next week, as advised. My husband kindly checked me upon returning home and is doubtful anything living resides on my head. We checked and treated him too and Lord willing, the worst is over.

After I had already purchased the product, my friend told me they have been successful with Mayonnaise too. She generously sent me some shower caps because after greasing up your hair, you wrap the head tightly with Saran Wrap, then cover with a shower cap, lay a towel over the pillowcase. The goal is suffocation of the critters. Oily substance and plastic. You see? Wash it out in the morning. Hopefully you won’t need this info in the future.

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2 Responses to Not nice…lice

  1. Maryn says:

    The mayo treatment is excellent for dry hair as well. I did it on my hair as a middle schooler, wrapped it in a hot towel and waited a few hours before rinsing.

    Anyway, sounds as if you were very thorough. Lice is a rite of passage, I hear. 😦

  2. Tara G. says:

    Bless your heart….ugh!

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