Adoption Questions (#3)

Last time I told you I would answer these questions today:

“Do you already know who you are adopting?”

“Sometimes you say children. Does that mean you might adopt more than one?”

“Girl or boy?”

“What age?”

If you were reading closely, you may even know the answers already! (Hint: First paragraph, last sentence.) I wasn’t tricking you when I said I would answer these questions, but the truth is I don’t exactly have the answers to these questions yet.

Still, these are the most frequently asked questions so I will tell you how I answer them.

We are praying for God to make it known at the right time, however, we haven’t met any of the children that we may end up adopting yet. But yes, we have some things in mind such as a boy a bit younger than Aiden who has a younger sister in a compatible age range to Niya. It is a simple answer at face value, but we want to be flexible and open to whomever God has for us.

I think this has been the greatest unknown about the whole process. We don’t know who we have worked so hard for yet. We pray God will make it clear, and that we will be in mutual agreement when we meet him, her, or them.

I can remember anticipating meeting each of our newborn children. Seeing her little face. Greeting him by his name. Knowing her personality or what his voice would sound like. Of course it wouldn’t have mattered what color his eyes were or whether or not she had hair.   Each one was loved unconditionally before we ever set eyes on them. The closer the due date, the more the rush of excitement that the pregnancy wouldn’t go on forever, and yes, there would ultimately be the day I was pregnant no more, but holding the little one in my arms. That is how I feel each time I remember that our process won’t go on forever. There will be completion of some sort. The questions will be answered although we aren’t quite sure how just yet. We trust that our God knows us, knows them, already knows the match, and will make it evident at the right time.

Next time, more on “Why Adoption?”.

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