Day 4

Day 4-Saturday
Chris began the morning by walking our dog, Maria. (Did I forget to mention she was along too?!) Then he brought back some breakfast items. Checked out of the dungeon. Whew! Hopefully we can find something better next night.

We show up at the orphanage about 10:15 and are escorted to the same classroom as yesterday’s visit. I feel disappointed as it isn’t a natural setting, but she makes it clear that until we are prepared to commit to them this is how it will be. We understand. She is protecting them from getting too friendly or comfortable and then disappointed if we don’t commit to pursuing the process further.

We played a couple rounds of UNO, they quizzed us and our big kids on some math problems, drew pictures, made paper airplanes. It is still pretty limited in the classroom. Teacher drifts in and out.

Adeline says the sister reminds her of cousin Clara, and the brother reminds her of a mix of cousin Matthew James and friend Cava who was adopted from Ukraine last year.

It 12:00 on the dot we were being escorted out since our time was up. She inquires again what we are thinking regarding pursuing them. Again, we say we need time to talk. We have her phone number and she says nothing about visiting on Sunday. We don’t ask.

We found an empty restaurant with wi-fi that seems rather nice. We use the time waiting to check out the hotel attached to their restaurant. It looks nice and for a better price than the dungeon. Yippee! The lady is willing to take the dog (always a plus) and shows us…two rooms again. They are better than the previous night, but nothing to get excited about. We accept and begin our deliberations as the kids watch tv. (That was a perk of two rooms. They can’t hear our conversation.)

There is a pool the size of a hot tub, but deeper, associated with the sauna. It is decorated pretty cute vs. tacky. (Most places are tacky vs. elegant here.) The big three have a great time and Niya is just cold. It is a good activity for them at the end of the day.

We have a room picnic for dinner with some items Chris got when he went to the ATM and walked Maria.

We discuss many angles, pray, think, talk. It still isn’t conclusive. This is the hardest part and I wasn’t expecting it. Agony. Such a life changing decision.

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One Response to Day 4

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi friends,

    Praying for your decision. I know that whomever you end up adopting will be blessed as will your family.

    Thanks for writing and posting about this journey. You guys are brave. Doing this with so many other things going on right now is extremely admirable. May you be blessed.


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