Day 6

Day 6-Monday

We drove 2 1/2 hours back to the city of Zaporosha to meet our attorney (and his lovely family traveling with him on spring break-it is great to have trusted friends along for this part of the journey-and if you need the recommendation of an honest and trustworthy attorney group/adoption facilitator I can provide a good reference!). Our kids joined Mrs. at the park while Chris and I met Mr. Attorney at the notary. He had already procured more documents at the local office before we drove into town. Next we just needed signatures and stamps many times over and then I met up with the park group while Mr. and Chris went to make a large stack of important copies.

After that we hurried to the orphanage to give them our latest stack of paper progress, but we couldn’t see little E for another hour because it was rest time, and we had to wait anyway while they had to do something with our papers. We had a late lunch at a restaurant, went back to the orphanage, picked up the documents and Mr. Attorney delivered them back to the local office while we got to visit with E on the playground for about two hours.

It was night and day different visit, in a better way, than the day we met him and had to stay in the boring little play room. I guess they figure we are pursuing the adoption so it is time to begin building a relationship. No teachers came along to supervise. It was Chris and I (papa and mama), the four kids, and our friend’s child (while they were away filing the documents).

We got to see his personality come out as well as his activity and ability level. He has quite a lot to say even though I understand almost nothing. Chris and the kids are amazing in their communication. I am confident that helps tremendously in the adjustment process vs. a bunch of foreigners who don’t have a clue as to what the new kids are saying! Not in an insulting way (because I am one of them), but in a funny way. Of course those kids probably learn English more quickly out of necessity. In this case it is me who is always asking “What did you say?” “What did he say?”

When the visit was coming to a close, because we still had the drive back to the hotel in Berdyansk, we began prepping him with talk of going back to his room and sleeping in his regular bed, etc. I think he probably would have come with us if given the choice so we almost expected resistance, crying, a fit, or something similar when we made him say his good byes. But he went around and hugged everyone. Some people got more than one hug. Chris and I were the only ones to carry him back up to his room while everyone else waited outside. Chris said we would help him change into his inside clothes and that he was going back to his room regular room now. He accepted this and willingly showed where his coat, outer pants, outside shoes, went in his little locker space. His inside shorts and shoes were put on and we said our good byes, hugs, and he was at peace, even opening the door for us to leave without protest or acting like he was leaving too. We said we will be back, etc

I am so glad we got the opportunity for the visit today as we were originally going to try and ony accomplish the paperwork and buzz off In a hurry to accomplish the same thing back in Berdyansk. However, we weren’t going to make the business hour window with all the documents coming here and there so we just used the opportunity to stop trying and use the time to visit instead. It was so much better.

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3 Responses to Day 6

  1. Liz Bergstrom says:

    Sounds like things went well. Can we have a name and pictures yet? Or is it too early? It’s hard being over here. We love you all.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Love following your blog! I am so excited for all of the Bergstroms….and so onto be Bergstroms!

  3. Tara G. says:

    You sound more relaxed!! Praying!!

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