Day 8

Lucky day for those not so subtle hints I’ve been receiving requesting pictures. As I mentioned, we left the device in Kyiv to transfer photos to the computer. We also neglected to bring the battery charger. Oops. I ran out of camera power on about Tuesday morning. Major bummer. The cell phone camera isn’t great with such a lag before the “snap” so they weren’t the first pictures I wanted to use to introduce you to the kids. But, my friend along on part of the journey, was kind enough to leave her camera in our care when she left today. Also, in case the spelling is important to you, I will mention two mistakes I made yesterday. Chris fell asleep before I published Day 7 so he corrected me this morning. It is Denis with one N (not Dennis), and Eduard with a U (not Edward). These spellings are apparently more true to their Ukrainian translation and we want that. Not complete without Edik, of course, but since he is more than two hours away we can’t be together yet. We have those group shots on the inaccessible camera.   IMG_8096 Edik-had the hardest time capturing him on the slow phone camera. He complies with a glance toward the camera, but it takes too long to snap, and then he’s back to the business  of playing.

20140326-213114.jpg 20140326-213129.jpg 20140326-213136.jpg

Ana-she doesn’t pose a natural smile for the camera, but smiles a lot now that we are getting to know one another. She may be self conscious because of a retainer that makes it difficult to speak. After a hug greeting for me today she was quick to ask “Where’s papa?” He was crouching behind a desk at the back of the classroom hoping for a good “Boo!”, but I think his steam was stolen when the teacher came in seconds behind her and he wasn’t feeling quite so bold with a stranger in the room. image  image Denis-smiles a ton. Seems the most confident. image  image We had another good visit at the orphanage this afternoon. It wasn’t nearly as long as yesterday, only about 1 1/2 hours. The kids had medical exams this morning related to this whole adoption process. When we asked how it went at the Dr. they both pulled up a sleeve to show blood draw marks on the upper forearm/inner elbow crease. I showed sympathy and asked if they cried. I think I got a proud “no” type response from both kids.

IMG_8121The big kids remember Edik, especially Denis asks about him and when they can see him. It is so sad that they have this distance separating them, for more than a year, from what I understand. They were very interested both times that we had photos of Edik on the cameras to show them. Denis was especially proud and wanting to show his little brother to other kids and teachers in our vicinity. We don’t think Edik remembers them. It will be a milestone when they are reunited!


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11 Responses to Day 8

  1. Liz Bergstrom says:

    Beautiful pictures. They look very healthy and well cared for. They all resemble each other. Once they are together again, it will be like they were never separated.
    We cannot wait to meet them.
    Love and many kisses to ALL!!!

  2. Barbara Becker says:

    So very exciting! Praying for you all! They are adorable and you all make a beautiful family. God bless you all!

  3. Maryn says:

    Love seeing these pictures and we love you guys!!

  4. Denise Lemons says:

    God’s blessings showering those children!! Chris and Wendy–what wonderful examples you are for all of us 🙂 Brings tears of joy to my eyes reading your words and seeing the pictures. I can’t wait to see you all again and meet your “new” children that God has loaned to you 🙂 Love to you all!

  5. Alyssa says:

    So amazed at God’s goodness. So blessed by being able to follow this process. We are praying for you and crying happy tears!

  6. AC says:

    The children are so beautiful! It will be so good to see them together again! Hope everything goes smoothly and the times flies by quickly so that you all can begin your life together

  7. Thank you thank you for sharing these first pictures of our latest, newest great grandchildren! They look like a good match for your family, we love them already. G.G.M.

  8. Joel says:

    Wendy, we Robbins are so enjoying sharing in your journey. Thank you! Love you guys.

  9. Tara G. says:!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you need anything sent to you for the kids?

  10. Ray Cortese says:

    Really, really proud of you guys!!

  11. Adam Jones says:

    So exciting. You are rich!

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