Day 9

Yesterday we were told we could visit at 10 a.m. today. We left the hotel early enough this morning that we had time to go to a grocery store with a toy aisle before the orphanage. We came unprepared for staying this long and for repeating the same, (somewhat) boring atmosphere of gathering in the classroom every day for our visit. Although our boundary expanded to include the play yard outside, today was cool, overcast and wet. We brought several activities from home including a soccer ball, frisbee, UNO, and bracelet making string. Since then we have added colored pencils and notebooks, play doh, an “expanding” frisbee which broke within the first five minutes, a puzzle, and a jump rope. We aren’t supposed to feed them treats or snacks and we are on the orphanage schedule regarding meal times and nap time (Ana).

All that to say today was disappointing because many minutes were wasted getting inside the locked building, and then we were told Ana had a Dr. appointment at 11. The lady showed up before 10:30 to take her from our presence to the appointment. I asked to go along and she almost consented (lady in charge) but in the end I wasn’t invited. We thought she’d be back soon, but they kept her more than two hours. By the time she returned she had had lunch, but we were together just a few more minutes before she had to leave for nap time and Denya had to leave for lunch. Thankfully we had those couple uninterrupted hours with him.

We were told we could return after 3 p.m. so we left for lunch. Lunch was a major let down regarding the quality of service, them messing up our order, and the picture looking much better than the actual product. Not sure why this still strikes us as surprising, but it is hard to get a quality and filling meal here. Eating sandwiches in the hotel is becoming old news so when the hot meal out is disappointing too, well, let’s just say I will be thankful to be back in the kitchen when we go home.

We got a phone call regarding paperwork that needed to be accomplished so we found a cafe for Chris to access wi-fi. (The aforementioned restaurant boasted free wi-fi, but despite the password clear as day being on the receipt, and the “excellent” signal. There was no working connection.) He transferred documents to a thumb drive, successfully found a print shop which had garbage quality copies, the employee knew it and directed Chris to a second place. Copies procured, we assembled and signed in all the right places, and Chris delivered the mass of paperwork to the court where the ladies proceeded to ask him why he wanted to adopt three kids, inquired if it was because we had no children, found out we already have four, made sure he could feed them all, and asked where he learned to speak the language. Finally, after this interrogation, gave their stamp of approval by telling him they barely detected an accent and that we need more men like him (willing to adopt). Mind you, their job was just to take and record the documents. They are not part of the approval process. I guess it was a bonus round to give us practice for court when they actually ask questions like this in front of a jury and more.

But back to our disappointing day, after all this we called the orphanage (since we were running late) and were basically told we missed the boat for an afternoon visit. Since they waited and we didn’t arrive, they went off to various activities/classes and Chris understood we weren’t welcome to come at this hour because they’d have to be done visiting by five. We felt so sad, and awful for letting them down. They were waiting and we didn’t come. Such a low feeling because we were working on documents so they can join us permanently (which is ultimately more important than a short visit) and the hours are restrictive, but I’m sure the only part they “see” is that we said we’d come after three and we didn’t.

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3 Responses to Day 9

  1. Liz Bergstrom says:

    Don’t get down, you will be able to explain it to them. Will you see Edik before you leave for Kiev?

  2. Tara G. says:

    Praying you through the groundhog’s day phase….hang in there, friend!!

  3. Henry says:

    Reading this brings a tear to my eyes. I hear your fathers determination in every word. Though I have only met you once when you were a child, it makes me proud to know you. You are fighting a huge battle and I pray you win this monster of a fight in the end.

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