Day 11

We checked out of the hotel early and headed on our way to visit Edik in Zaporizhya. A little hotel humor in the process. We told the employee at approx. 6 p.m. last night that we would be checking out/departing in the morning at 8 a.m. and that we’d like a receipt. The man seemed a bit nervous and said that the owner would have to take care of it (a lady who is there less frequently than the male residential type employees). Oh brother, the owner has to make a special trip because we need a receipt?! We were packed and loaded at 8:00 a.m., dilly dallying with filling water bottles for the journey at 8:10 while they were nervously waiting (?) for her to show up. The receipt is a bonus for when we file our tax return to request the adoption tax credit next year, but not a deal breaker sort of situation. I told Chris we should just give them our Kiev mailing address and hope it arrives, oh well if not. We had a schedule to keep! The owner showed up about this time and apparently told Chris he should have asked for it…sooner! I guess 14 hours isn’t enough notice to get a hotel receipt for 6 nights. This is our reality here, but on a much larger scale. Little things are big things. Nothing is accomplished without hassle. It is now 8:30 a.m. and we are finally on our way.

A simple gasoline fill up stop before heading out of town came next and then Chris wanted to double check the tire pressure. Again, not without a minor thing turning into a big thing. In the recent past, a gas station employee checked our tire pressure and put a funny metal cover over one of the tire stems that was missing a cap. Try as he may, Chris couldn’t remove it the last time so this time he used Aiden’s Leatherman tool. Still no success. The attendant and he were finally able to break it loose into several pieces so the tires could be properly filled before we were on our way. 9:10 am.

Now we were really running late as they told us we could visit Edik before 12 or after 3 p.m. (lunch and nap in between). By the time we stopped for a bathroom break and some gas station snack sausage, we didn’t arrive at the orphanage until 11:45. Ugh. We ran inside to his room where the teacher said it was lunch and nap time. Thankfully Chris was able to negotiate a 1/2 hour visit after he ate lunch by telling her we couldn’t wait around until 3 p.m. and that we had I just came from Berdyansk and still had to get to Kiev today.

While waiting in a mini auditorium type room, we were able to make friends with another adoptive mother. She has had a much longer and harder process than us, but is pressing on for the sake of the adoptive children, despite longing to be home and re-united with her husband and other children in the USA. It makes us thankful that we have been able to stay together thus far, and that if one of us has to travel south for the future stages of the process while the other stays behind, it won’t be for weeks on end due to our closer proximity (and we don’t need to consider the price of airline tickets back and forth to the USA during each next segment of the process-one of the reasons people choose to stay here for weeks on end). Please pray for Mrs. G. and her daughter as they anticipate an upcoming court date and hope for being able to leave together with their new family members in the near future.

It was finally time for us to visit with Edik before his nap time. He seemed happy to see us, especially “papa”. We introduced his photo album to him at the beginning since our time was short. He was delighted to have possession of this new book and went through it again and again. He also wanted to remove the pictures from the sleeves, despite Chris telling him not to more than once. He was busy but sweet. We gave him many hugs and kisses. He accepted them, but didn’t want us holding him too tight or too long. He isn’t used to it, obviously. It was soon time to go and we felt sad since we had come so far to visit, but still had a long way to go. We don’t know when we will see them again since we are waiting for everything to come together and then get a court date.

We came home to a lonely kitty and were doubly blessed by our friends who not only kept her (and the 5 hamsters) alive in our absence, but also brought start up grocery basics, and extra treats too. So fun to find, so thoughtful of them.

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3 Responses to Day 11

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  2. AC says:

    Dear Chris and Wendy, As soon as you give me the children’s sizes, I will shop for the at my thrift stores and send then on to you. I can get the clothes there before the kids come to you. Any other needs that can be found at my “shops”, please let me know! Love, AC

  3. Tara G. says:

    It always feels good to be home again after a “road” trip through Ukraine! I don’t miss the process for every.single.thing. Hoping the rest goes smoothly and I’m so glad you were able to encourage another mom! Praying!!

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