Gifts, Money & Stuff (part 1)

We thank you for so much positive feedback regarding our process and the kids! It is so encouraging to know people are “rooting” for us.

It has been brought to our attention several times already that friends and family want to help…and want to know what would be the best way to do that.

I think the majority of adoptive families hold large fundraising campaigns throughout the duration of the process. Bake sales, movie nights, t-shirt sales, pancake dinners, and more. These are all successful ways to help a family accomplish the financial goal since adoption can be otherwise cost prohibitive. I don’t think money should be a reason to keep families from being united. And because if there is a willing family, but finances are a hurdle, the community can help make it happen. It also allows others to be a blessing by contributing to the homecoming of the adoptive children. Who wouldn’t want to know their gifts helped children be joined to a forever family?! Because let’s face it, money makes the world go round, even concerning the adoption process. It is very expensive, especially when multiple plane trips are required of the parents to the other country, etc.

So back to us. We haven’t done any fundraising for several reasons which we can talk about if you are personally curious, but we don’t want to prevent others from blessing us or being part of our excitement. Just as many adoptive couples of newborns are given a baby shower (same as they would be with a biological child, etc.) we had a friend at church offer to host something similar. I felt so thankful! Mostly I’m not worried about HOW we will acquire things for these three children, but happy that others are excited with us.

We also have a dear friend doing a trunk show with us as the cause. Please click the link for more info:
Noonday trunk show Bergstrom adoption
You can shop online and 10% of all sales will help us fund expenses. Shop NOW through April 10 and put “Bergstrom Adoption” under show name when you check out. You can read more about the company on the website. These purchases will help us as well as provide dignified jobs for the poorest of the poor.

We WILL have things that need to be acquired and while weren’t planning to ask, once names and pictures of the kids came out, we’ve had more people wanting to climb aboard and for that we are grateful.

I plan to set up an wish list. It is currently empty, but titled “Denis, Ana, Edik’s Homecoming”. It is set for public visibility. We can receive these gifts through our Virginia based U.S. mailing address. (No APO or customs forms, etc.). It is just as it would be anywhere else within the U.S. except for limitations on batteries, liquids, and really large or heavy items.

Cash. I haven’t fully looked into this, but will this week. Some people just want to donate money to whatever is needed most instead of shopping, mailing, etc. I know when adoptive families set up an official site for a specific cause it can often be tax deductible, but I don’t know how that works yet. In the meantime, we can accept personal checks, etc. which will go into a designated adoption expenses account.

We have expenses associated with the process as well as expenses of having three kids join our family all at once. I mentioned doing a breakdown of our expenses for the process in the past, but hadn’t done it yet. This seems like a good time, but it will be in “part 2” tomorrow. It won’t be all inclusive since this is an estimate, but it is what we know so far. All bills haven’t been settled yet.

Regarding vehicles. I have had this question more than once. Our family vehicle is a loved and reliable Toyota Sienna which seats eight. You do the math: 4 kids, plus 3 new kids, Plus 2 parents. Yes, one over our max. However, I am not to be deterred as other than that one detail, we don’t need a new vehicle. So, we are beginning research on whether we can have a third seat installed in our front row between the driver and passenger seat where we currently have a console. I am hopeful because of seeing many European mini vans with this feature and we are on this side of the ocean where people know what I am talking about. We have a few head start connections so we already know where to go and feel optimistic. I prefer not to replace this vehicle if it can be modified to accommodate us instead. Much simpler and obviously cheaper than shopping for a new one, especially with the regulations regarding buying and selling vehicles under our diplomatic status. Many rules. I’ll keep you updated.

I plan to shop at the second hand shops for most clothing in the immediate future (before they come home) as they have very few personal clothing items in the orphanage. I understand they may leave with the clothing they are wearing, at best, and perhaps less (parents bring it that day so the clothes can be left for others). Either way, they will need clothes. I didn’t save too many items from Aiden and Ellie as we have known nieces and nephews who usually get them. Also, I didn’t want to save heaps of clothes for an unknown age and gender not knowing if or when the adoption process would ever come to fruition. Our apartment is large, but I don’t have that kind of storage space.

I hope this helped those of you who are interested in helping us as I rambled on about things related to possible ideas for gifts. I stayed up too late. Hope it makes sense when I read it in the morning. Stay tuned for the expense breakdown tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Gifts, Money & Stuff (part 1)

  1. Carol Tavris says:

    Hi, Wendy. I tried to access the kid’s wishlist directly through Amazon and they couldn’t find it. I tried twice checking the spelling. I also was looking at the shoes you chose and couldn’t see the sizes you need. Posting this so you can check or let me know what I am doing wrong! AC

    • bergfam5 says:

      Please use the link in part 2 (next post). Also, you can search by Chris’ email address. I also couldn’t find it by just the title, but you will see that heading once you are in.

  2. Carol Tavris says:

    Thanks! Went to Kmart today and had fun choosing for the kids! Found some matchy things for the boys! Can you figure shoe sizes yet? Love, AC

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