Gifts, Money & Stuff (part 2)

I worked on the universal wish list today. (Thanks for the great suggestion, Alexandra!) You can find it by searching>wish list>find a wish list or registry>then Chris’ email address. You’ll know it is the right one if you see “Denis, Ana, Edik’s Homecoming”. You can also click HERE! to access the list. I contemplated changing the status to private, but since Amazon isn’t showing our full mailing address, I think it will be okay. It will be a work in progress as things come up.

And without further adieu (and little commentary because I’m tired), as promised, money talk. It is what I was able to come up with thus far…in no particular order because I’m disorganized like that. I bet I could have made into a pretty little chart for you, but nope. I’m going to bed instead.

Home study (including travel expenses of provider from Germany)
North Dakota Criminal History registry records request
$30 ($15 Chris, $15 Wendy)
California Child Abuse registry records request
$30 $15 Chris, $15 Wendy)
I-600a application (USCIS)
First payment for attorney facilitator fees (1/2 up front, but for only one child because we didn’t know how many kids we would get back in October)
Second payment for attorney facilitator fees for first child (not made yet, due upon completion)
Fee for second child from SAME orphanage (not paid yet)
Fee for third child from DIFFERENT orphanage (Unknown so I’ll just say the same amount for now. I imagine more than if from the same orphanage.)
$1,500 +
Health screenings for Chris and Wendy in Ukraine (Something our regular physician could have done for a fraction of the price, but he didn’t have the “right” stamps according to Ukrainian law since it was being done in Ukraine, not the U.S.)
FBI criminal background checks (through a third party that rushes them through)
Apostille for 171-H from Department of State
Apostilles and mailing fees on home study through agency (1st time)
Apostilles and mailing fees on home study through agency (2nd time-something wasn’t done right)
Marriage certificates requested and apostilled (1st time)
Marriage certificates requested and apostilled (2nd time because they expired in one year and yes, we started it that long ago. Marriage certificates expire?! Yes, when dealing with time sensitive documents it is all about the issue date.)
Travel for family of 6 to the region -9 day trip (thankfully no airfare, a huge money saver-gasoline, hotels, groceries, dining out, etc.)
Home study update, apostilles, FedEx
Notary prior to submitting dossier
U.S. State Department-2 apostilled FBI background clearances
Notary in orphanage region


I only share this information to be transparent since we are talking about money and gifts in these posts.
*Also, be reminded that this is a quick estimate based on my notes, not an all out receipt/records search, but it is also helping me get some things in order because there is an adoption tax credit that we could apply for next year. I understand that we need to itemize and have our receipts as proof, but haven’t researched it fully since I have more pressing things than 2014 taxes while it is only 2013’s tax season.
*And, I understand this to be ridiculously INEXPENSIVE for three children. Families pay more for the adoption of one child when they are making international flights and working with an agency (We are not working with an agency, but the reason I cited that above is because of the home study still needing the endorsement of a licensed agency. This one works with our home study provider.)
*We aren’t finished yet. There will be at least a couple more trips, more documents, etc.

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