Update on Waiting

Things are still in motion although sometimes it moves more slowly than we would like. We are in a phase of excitement, preparation, anticipation, additional paperwork, and WAITING.

After leaving the kids behind (March 29) to return to our life of school and work schedules, our attorneys kept working diligently on the document chase. There was even a quick, round trip train trip from one kind attorney on our behalf. She left Thursday evening (April 3), arrived Friday morning, went to the appropriate powers in Zaporizhya, got on a marshroutka (mini taxi bus) for several hours to the city of Berdyansk, gathered more documents, and delivered them all to the court before early closing hours on Friday. She was back on the marshroutka to catch the train Friday afternoon/evening, and arrived again in Kiev on Saturday morning. Whew! We are so thankful for her sweet spirit and doing this errand to keep things moving forward.

On that day, she was given notice that we have an appointment for court on April 18 at 1:30, which made Chris and I squeal with delight. Well, he didn’t squeal, but I did and he was happy too. This date coincided with our “wishful thinking” preference for court because he has a business trip coming up, and then May has several holidays that will shut all these government offices down (thus slowing progress if we didn’t get a court date next week).

Fast forward to Monday (April 7) -we get more documents notarized, blah, blah, blah, our attorney submits them today because “this type of document is only accepted on these certain days between these certain hours”, where she is basically told that several documents have (minor) errors and that the paperwork we need from Kiev office likely will not be ready to attend our court date on the 18th. I know, you are probably lost as it is confusing and a complicated system/process that has to be accomplished “just so” (or to the satisfaction of the person which may or may not correspond with their mood on any given day, and I’m guessing since no bribes are being paid, they can basically smile and say, “Fix it or forget it.” at least that is how Chris and I feel.)

So we are bummed that it doesn’t seem like we will be able to keep the court date of April 18, but please pray anyway. Still, we “get” that no man can thwart God’s perfect timing for our adoption. Perhaps this is how we are being shown that the 18th won’t be our date after all. Please pray with us as we wait to hear if we can travel for court next week.

In the meantime, we have had much progress in preparing our home for three extra kids! We turned the apartment upside down and have the mess to prove it. Everyone except Niya swapped rooms to accomplish our goal of finding the perfect arrangement. Well, Niya has been displaced these few nights so she has technically swapped too, but will be returning to her original room once everything lands in place.

I have also been gathering kids clothes! One friend kindly gave a giant, black bag worth including multiple items for each child. In addition, I have shopped at the thrift stores twice, and with all this room shuffling some “lost” items have been unearthed from the pit of a certain someone’s room (including things that need to be returned to school and a friend). We are coming along nicely as I have an aunt whose gift in life is shopping and doing for others. I am confident these children will not only be clothed, but have an abundance of clothing.

We have also been “gifting” toys from our children (with too many toys) to each of the new children who will doubtfully have anything more than a pocket trinket of their own upon leaving the orphanage. It gives me great joy to see them setting things aside on a shelf in anticipation of their new siblings. “This is for Edik because he likes balls and it is soft for inside the house.”

Okay, just wanted to check in since I’ve had questions after the abrupt stop last week. Thanks for reading, caring, praying!

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6 Responses to Update on Waiting

  1. Erinn says:

    Sweet excitement at the Bergstrom home!! Wonderful update. It’s with great joy that we get to pray for you all. Praying the court date stays April 18 and that your family will be together for this year’s Easter celebration. OH! What a blessed celebration that will be (on so many levels)!!!

  2. Melissa Duvall says:

    So excited for you guys! Still keeping you all in prayer!

  3. Tara G. says:

    Ok, praying that date will come through!!! And for you as you single parent through those business trips!! Hooray for summer being near!

  4. AC says:

    So glad that you have posted on this blog again, Wendy! I get so excited when I check FB a see a new entry! Finished boxing things up today. I am so anxious to see you all together! Love, AC

  5. I have old clothes from Michael, who is the age of your five your old, but can’t remember if the youngest is a girl or boy. Do you need boy 4/5T clothes? Rebecca

    • bergfam5 says:

      Our youngest is a boy, Edik. 4’s may be short, but I think 5’s will be perfect. We will be happy to have him try on anything Michael won’t need anymore. Thank you!

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