The Grandma Surprise

Chris and I had a big surprise for the kids today. Grandma B. arrived and none of them were tipped off before hand. It went over great. First, Niya and I picked Chris up from work on our way to the airport where we arrived just in time to find this lovely face:


Niya knew we were at the airport, but didn’t guess that we may be receiving anybody, only that maybe we were “going to Germany” to which we dismissed since we didn’t have the big kids or any bags. (Chris just returned from Germany two days ago which is why Germany was on her mind.) Grandma walked up and surprised her. I couldn’t see her face. I’ll have to ask Mom B. if Niya had immediate recognition since it was an unexpected meeting. Anyway, she was happy and smiley so it was well received.

We had to say good-bye to Chris as we dropped him back at the office since it was just a work day lunch break outing.

After arriving at our flat, we had a short time before the school kids arrived. We didn’t do a very good job of planning our surprise tactic until it was too late. They were several minutes ahead of when I expected them. Once the doorbell rang Grandma stashed her suitcase in the bathroom and hid in the pantry closet. I sent Niya to her bed so she wouldn’t ruin the surprise by blurting it out. She went and immediately began balling. We didn’t brief her ahead of time so she thought she was in a sort of “time out”. Oh brother.

It apparently took me longer than usual to open the door and when I did, they immediately sensed a change. Oops, there sat Gramdma’s backpack, forgotten in the haste. They quizzed me on why the house was so clean (it wasn’t), and “Whose back pack is THAT?” Then it was like a giant game of hide and seek, but with one hider and three seekers. There was shrieking when they found the suitcase in the bathroom, and somebody was wise enough to ask Niya who was here to which she correctly answered, “Grandma.” They still didn’t find Grandma and I think Niya got quizzed again by another sibling. Finally, the pantry door was flung open and there was much excitement, hugging, and asking of questions. I remember Aiden saying, “Is this a joke?!” Even though he could clearly see that it wasn’t.

It was a fun surprise. She is here to visit and help with the kids while Chris and I travel for our adoption court hearing this Wednesday, April 30. We are thankful for her willingness to make the journey, especially on short request. She was a trooper and didn’t fall into bed right away, but started her orientation with an apartment tour, swing in the hammock, evening dog walk to the park, kept her eyes open through dinner and conversation, and HELPED CLEAN the kitchen. Don’t know where the energy came from. All I can do after those overseas flights is lay down upon entering home and stay there for at least 20 hours!


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3 Responses to The Grandma Surprise

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Glad to see she arrived safely! Enjoy her stay!

  2. Victorias says:

    I love this!! Welcome, Grandma B!

    We’ll be home tomorrow night, so if you want to give her our #, please feel free. I know the Hickoxs are close by, but if you want another contact, we’re glad to help.

    Have Wednesday on the calendar.

    W love,


    Sent from my iPad

  3. valerie d fedor says:

    This was a “fun” read! I loved picturing it! AND I was wondering if Liz got there ok….she looks great! I’m glad!

    Sent from my iPad


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