New Names

Did you know Chris has a blog? He writes from time to time too. This time the latest update is his…. Feel free to read on and catch up on his past adoption posts as well!

Projects Unfinished

Well.  We had the “court hearing” which is the main target in this whole process.  Bottom line:  the judge did us the “favor” of letting us adopt three Ukrainian children.

I say it that way because of the stressful situation they put Wendy and me in on that day.  Without whining about it for too long… I’ll just say the problem with Ukrainian customer service in the restaurant and retail world carries over to the courtroom as well.  There we were, for two and a half hours, in a tiny courtroom.  There were 10 of us in the room.  Approximately seven of the people were ticked off and annoyed.  (hint:  Wendy, I, and our attorney were the three who were glad for this day)  Too bad there’s no “Yelp” reviews that I can do for the Berdyansk courtroom… because they’d get 1/2 a star and a terrible review.

During the hearing…

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