Edik, Home Again, Mom B. Works Hard, and We Depart Soon

There! Now you got the short version so feel free to skip the details if you are late for work or something.

Apparently I never closed the loop on the remainder of the trip Chris and I took for court and visiting the kids last week. Thanks, Mom F., for pointing out that I never wrote whether or not we visited Edik, as planned.

Yes! We did get to see our little guy on Friday, although the visit didn’t go the way we would have liked. Everything with him was as expected, and it was great to see him again. Our problem was with the short duration and supervised nature of the visit.

I won’t get into our issues with their rigid rules right now, just that we felt frustrated with only about 45 minutes to visit before lunch and 45 minutes to visit after nap. He was happy to see us and compliant when his teacher abruptly ended the visit. 😦 She even had the audacity to tell Chris that it was okay that our visit was short because we “will be seeing him all the time once we pick him up from the orphanage next week”. Humph. Clearly she does not have a son that she only visits for short periods of time every couple of weeks.

Thankfully, we had a timely return on the overnight train from Zaporyzhya back to Kiev and were reunited with our four kids at home and Mom B.

Speaking of Mom B., she successfully held the fort down in our absence and for that we are very thankful. Not to mention all of the mending and sewing projects she has worked her way through. She says she likes to stay busy so we keep finding more. I wonder if she’ll flinch when anybody mentions mending socks for years to come. She also makes a mean pot of chicken and dumplings. Aiden (aka Bottomless Pit) even admitted to being full at dinner the other night. I ate too much and another family member was overheard saying they shouldn’t have had that third helping.

But we are counting the days until we can journey down for, Lord willing, the final time. I think we will leave on Monday….

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2 Responses to Edik, Home Again, Mom B. Works Hard, and We Depart Soon

  1. Erinn says:

    Great update! We continue to pray for the process of bringing your children home. God bless you all.

  2. Carol Tavris says:

    Have a safe trip to pick up the kids! Can’t wait to hear you all are together at home!

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