Morning of THE Day

Just one paragraph that I had written up already from yesterday:

Morning is here! We had our good hotel breakfast again and have begun our 2 1/2 hour drive south from Zaporyzhya to Berdyansk before 8 a.m. It is more overcast and gray today. Cozy weather with moisture in the air but no rain yet. I feel a high level of eager anticipation mixed with peace. I suppose we could liken it to a birth after months of pregnancy and labor. Today is the scheduled induction or c-section. Not exactly sure of all the details between here and there, but that the outcome will make it all worthwhile. I guess I had an epidural too since I am resting, reading, and writing these last few hours.

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One Response to Morning of THE Day

  1. AC says:

    Had to call your mom tonight after reading yout blog! Needed to talk about all that you are going through! It was good to share her excitement! We spoke of summer plans and can’t wait to hug you all! Love, AC

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