Day After THE Day

That isn’t the greatest title, I know, but picking up where I left off….

(As you may recall, THE Day was when we got all three kids into our care and out of the orphanage forever!)

I set my alarm extra early Thursday since we wanted to get to the hotel breakfast ASAP to be early in line at the passport office. Plus, I didn’t know what to expect with the kids whether in waking early, taking long to get ready, or to eat breakfast. All was smooth as possible with them waking gradually, getting new clothes, brushing teeth, STAYING DRY. (Woo-hoo, I wasn’t sure with the little one who we discovered yesterday likes to go lots in a short period of time.) We had a fancy breakfast, the kids ate lots (which we are encouraging so they will G.R.O.W.!). And we made it to the passport office by 8:30 a.m. Our attorney went in to try and get us to be seen ASAP, but we only succeeded in accomplishing Denis’ passport process. We had to return by 12:45 for the other two kids. Major bummer. We were hoping to hit the road for Kyiv this morning, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Instead, we returned to Edik’s orphanage because we discovered yesterday that in our hasty departure we had left his photo book behind. While we stayed in the van, Chris went to scout it out, and also returned with a toy he had purchased for Edik in Germany. This was a surprise because we hadn’t realized we didn’t have it yet. Chris said one of the little boys called him Edik’s American Father when he walked onto the playground and volunteered Edik’s toy. Wow!

Next back to the tax ID office, then to kill time at a playground. The two boys found a tree to relieve themselves near (commonly done here, even by adults, but we cringe, of course). Thankfully, I found something more civilized for Ana and I without too much effort.

Back to the passport office early, just in case. Ana and Edik are eventually processed too. Whew! We hit the road because they likely won’t be ready until Wednesday of next week.

Thus begins the longest car trip of their lives…
I won’t break it down by the hour. They did well having gotten somewhat used to the idea of seat belts and staying in until we say it is okay to unclip. I had one small bag of trinket toys and books which lasted a short while. But they each napped, although short, ate snacks, sat nicely, and were good sports about the whole thing. They are excited to get to Kyiv, brother, sisters, and Grandma. We tell them they will sleep in their new beds tonight. Too bad we are expected to arrive after bed time on a school night (for Adeline, Ellie, and Aiden), but it can’t be helped.

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