The End & The Beginning

This is the end of one chapter, but also the beginning of one new. It is called Adjustment and Finding Our New Normal. I don’t know how long it will last, but it really won’t be our new normal. The biggest three kids will finish the school year on Wednesday (may 22), we will continue working on travel requirements for these three kids, unknown number of medical appointments once they are enrolled on our insurance, and Lord Willing, head to Florida beginning about the second week of June. Maybe our new normal won’t begin until late August with a school schedule. (Chris and I are currently working on figuring out where they will attend in the fall. I have toured three Ukrainian schools in addition to wondering about the school where the other three attend. Time will tell. This is a specific thing you can pray for, in addition to my biggest hurdle: language barrier!

We praise God for many specific points including:
Safe round trip travel a total of 4 times (two driving-one time on the winter tires in March, one time on the summer tires in May, and two via train)
No mechanical or tire problems
No police stops
Favor of short or no wait times at most locations
Majority of friendly officials in city of Zap especially
No (known) mistreatment of the children
Good or decent orphanage conditions (compared to some stories we’ve heard)
No known allergies or outstanding health issues
Siblings reunited and happy to see one another, share with one another, help one another and get along

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One Response to The End & The Beginning

  1. Carol Tavris says:

    Glad to wake up and see a bunch of new posts! Must read on!

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