Buncha Crazies

I heard some labored little tunes being plunked out on the piano and went in to find this!

No wonder it seemed familiar, but different!

The newest messy, outdoor toy-a bubble whistle.  You fill the little spot with bubble liquid, slide the door shut, and blow.  (Courtesy of an Auntie who couldn’t bring it in her bag on the plane.  I wonder why?)

Time for Twister!

The kids have been playing hide & seek in the house a lot lately.  Aiden always calls out and is easily found,  or he picks the same spot over & over, or this!  Now where could they be?

Morning of Exercise.  The kids got on what they decided were exercise clothes and sweatbands (headbands).  They did push ups, sit ups, and made a running path around the yard, up the steps, down the slide, over the see-saw, around the trampoline, and around trees.  Their ideas are original and I love how they all get into it and play together so nicely when there is a “mission”.

My kids are self-sufficient.  I’ve been staying up too late with Chris away.  The kids usually get up, get ready, and start playing hide & seek or setting the table for breakfast.  They love to please me, and I love not saying, “put out the cups, plates, bowls….”  Well one recent morning I heard some discussion and came to investigate.  As it turns out, Adeline turned on the computer, plugged in the modem, opened the internet, and did a google search for “pancake recipes!”  She didn’t find just any pancake recipe.  No, this girl found the one I use!  This is good & bad at the same time.  Good because she is resourceful and can do many things I didn’t realize (or teach) and bad because the internet isn’t always safe.  We talked about not looking stuff without permission, but in this case I knew they were just trying to surprise me.  Normally, I set it to the allowed site (book quizzes or learning to read) and am right there.

Notice:  they are all dressed, Adeline’s hair is pulled into a ponytail (something she does for herself), and they are measuring ingredients right around the mess on the counter.  They were Oh-so-proud of themselves and the pancakes were great!  (I did the stove top stuff)

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3 Responses to Buncha Crazies

  1. Erinn says:

    Wow! Ellie and Aidan have grown so much since the last time I saw them. Adeline is just as beautiful as she always has been. What wonderful children you have, Wendy. Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Auntie You-Know-Who! says:

    I enjoyed seeing your helpful “little crazies”! How sweet and creative they are! I couldn’t believe Adeline thought to do an internet search on your pancake recipe! I know where she gets that from!!!!

    Your house rearrangements looked great! Much more spacious and the living room did look cozy!

  3. Am I the first to welcome you to the blogdom?

    Glad to see you around! I’m back to blogging, too.

    Those kids have grown like weeds! I can’t believe how big they are! What are their ages now?


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